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All type of Cartridges can we Refill?
              Yes up-to 95% models we can refilling and reuse No need to buy New one.


How many times we can Refill our Laser Print Cartridges?
               Most of the Models we can refill more than 20 times.


How many times we can Refill our Inkjet Cartridges?
              One (or) Two times only we can Refill our Inkjet cartridges.


What is the difference between Refilling & Re-engineering of Laser print cartridges?
             Toner Refilling means only powder filling.
                          Re-engineering means Replace all Components with Powder filling.


Your Re-manufacture Cartridges are equal to OEMS?
              Yes, up to 99% equal Result in Quality and more Page Yield .


What is the difference between Re-manufacture Cartridges & Compatible Print Cartridges?
             Virgin new Shells using In compatible Cartridges.
                     Used OEM Shells with High Quality.


Any safety methods for keeping Cartridges?
             Yes please keep store in Dust Free & Light Free areas in your cartridges.
                     Light can reduce the Quality of OPC Drum
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