A printer is a gadget that plays a very important role in this technological world. Yes, everything is digitalized and everything is technologized. All we can do is accept them and live with them, but not become addicted to them. Hi and hello friends, welcome to another brand new stuff, that will keep you informed and at the same time, never be boring. Time is like a diamond and so without wasting any diamond, let’s get straight into the topic.

Gadgets play a vital role in this 20th century and even the scenario is made where life is not possible without gadgets. One of the very important gadgets that rule this modern world is the printer. It is because it’s unbelievable features which simply include resolution (in dots per inch), speed (in sheets of paper printed per minute), colour (full-colour or black-and-white), and cache memory (which affects the speed at which a file can be printed). By knowing its importance, you may give the best product replacement for them if needed.

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