The Nut Job 2: Clean torrent

After the events of the first film, Thomas and his friends to stop the mayor Oakton destruction of their homes to make way for an amusement park dysfunctional. Terrible and his friends,Friends, Andy and Gem show that the city’s mayor hacks Oakton create a big fuss of giants, but it is rather park amusement shabby, to be bulldozed and the first of them, which is Park CityHim all things and the rest of the park, mayor stopped, along with his daughter and zhivotnyhOfitsera control crazy vertrekkenmet to his plan, and back to the park.

Fruit Job 2: Nutty by Nature. After the events of the first film of high protein and their animal friends of libertyPark will know Oakton mayor’s evil plans to create a park dysfunctional. To do this, the mayor must buldozerovat Freedom Park. Friends fear come together to stop the mayor before it destroyed their home.



The general guidelines: 10Aug 2017

Genre: Animation

Hours: Not available

ID: TGV Pictures

Starring: Arnett, Gabriel Iglesias, Dzheff Danhem, Ketrin Heygl, Mayya Rudolf, Dzheki Monday

Director: Cal Branker

Format: 2D