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Call of Duty: Ghosts (c) Activision

11/2013: ….. .. INFORMATION …….: steam

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Back by hand, but it was not outmatched.

Call of Duty: Ghosts are a wonderful step forward to one of the biggest

FranshizView entertainment. This new image in the Call of Duty

FranchiseIt gives a new power player to the side of the criminals

National combat is not for freedom, or independence, to survive.

It calls every call a new tax opytaNovye -Free

The engine announced the stunning level of attentionAnd performance, all the time

Antidote with fluidity of 60 frames per second through


One player player

– ten years after massacres, neighboring countries and scales

Power world has changed forever. What’s left of the people

Special hosts operator, secret group known as “Ghosts”

Fight against the best novorozhdennyhTehnologii in the world


– Getting a new college for the first time in the franchise history,

Players take on the outskirts of Call of Duty: Ghosts,

Again and outgunned, playersYou must fight to bring the land back to the bottom

Self-centered. Geymery get to know every one

Casting of local characters and visiting various changes

Before anything to appear in the Call of Duty.

1. You save.

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